Build a successful reputation

In this day and age, people pay a lot of attention to their own appearance. Whether on social platforms, at work or in one’s own family. Reputation is needed everywhere so that one is popular and integrated.

But how does the good reputation building work?

In the past, people intrinsically built a good reputation by successfully triumphing on the battlefield. With the advent of industrialization, successful entrepreneurs had a good reputation and were praised by all as they brought jobs and prosperity to the society. This shows that reputation is related to hard work and a lot of diligence. This has not changed until today.

Reputation in the digital age

With the dawn of the digital age, attention shifted from the real world to the digital world. More and more people use the television program ,to educate themselves. As a result, there was a transformation in reputation as well, that people who got a lot of airtime on television could build a good reputation. Here, it was also necessary to put themselves in the focus with a lot of diligence and hard work.

The global Internet changed everything

With the help of search engines, new possibilities opened up for people to acquire knowledge and trust. It also came about that from that point on, everyone could buy everything at the best price. Whereas before the Internet a niche manufacturer only had to contend with competition from Europe, the Internet expanded the competition worldwide. Nevertheless, on the Internet, as in the real world, a good reputation leads to success. But unlike in the real world, where you build a good reputation by word of mouth, in the digital world you live by customer reviews and finding numerous knowledge messages that give customers knowledge and confidence.

Why invest in reputation building?

Building a good reputation requires a lot of work, just like on the battlefield in the Middle Ages, in production at the beginning of industrialization or in getting airtime on television. The reward for a good reputation is social recognition, customers to choose from and even good employees who have always wanted to work for companies with a good reputation.

How can ABOWI Reputation help?

We manage to analyze with each individual his current state of reputation on the Internet and respond to the requested wishes, in which direction the reputation building should take place. If we work hard with our customers every day and put a lot of effort into what we can do. Then we also reap the rewards together with our customer and are happy that our customer gets his recognition on the Internet for his actions.